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Poochie Plumes are the newest feather fashion trend and accessory for your furry four legged friends.

photo 3Poochie Plumes are the original feather fur accessories for dogs,  and the second product launched by Bella Feathers. All  natural, handmade feather arrangements that are easily and inexpensively applied to add style to your dog’s coat. The feathers come in a selection of colours, patterns and sizes to fit your pet’s personality.  Poochie Plumes arrangements allow you to choose subtle tones to blend with your pet’s natural coat or super charged brights to stand out from the rest. Poochie Plumes are made of the highest quality feathers and will stay in your pet’s fur for at least four to six weeks, if not longer! As the feathers are 100% natural they can be washed, brushed and groomed,  just like your dog’s fur.